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i was kind of useful yesterday, if you count fucking off in imaginary worlds. well, i ran a bunch of errands, too: picked out a thank you gift for carla with jenny (from my secret spot!) & got us lunch from tempo presto. other than that though it was doodling in my notebook all day. a little doodling on the computer too, i'll mention it for the sake of accuracy. once jenny left to go hang out with kira, any momentum i had fell through the floor. all the way to the basement! so i just flung myself on the couch & watched the dnd cartoon dvds i got for x-mas. they arn't good, oh heavens no, but they do have some visceral pleasures to be found, like warduke tromping around, kelek, stongheart; you know, nostalgia. it hasn't held up to the test of time like robotech, though, i can tell you that. eventually though danielle called me & we went to go get sushi, which it turns out was just what the doctor ordered; i felt better as soon as she showed up. back at home i couldn't sleep &, well, the cartoons were already in the dvd player...

today is the engagement party, which i'm looking forward to. i slept in till 10:30 & then went to the gym; the rest of the day has been pretty much a wash. other than a little bit of obsession with the word scrimshaw (did you know that someone who makes scrimshaw is called a scrimshander?). & i broke 1,800 wikipedia edits, which is small potatoes but like i was telling katja, my motto is that every victory counts, even the little ones. anyhow, i need to take a shower, & let me tell you, you should see jenny running around the apartment in her linen shorts & shirt. she's pretty cute. yesterday after my shower she totally seduced me...i should use that as motivation to get the job done. splish-splash, here i come.

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