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it was our minus one year aniversary.

felt the magnetic tug of the antisocial coma & gave in, helped by the alms, the steepled prayer hands. go to sleep you little baby, crooned dolly. so i put on exuma & went to edit wikipedia when what to my wondering eyes should appear? but a phone call from jenny telling me to come into the city, to swoop down & rescue her. "swoop up?" i wondered, & was off, like 666uperman himself. she & carla were at saint jerome's, & i finished both of their drinks (the grossest drinks ever: 1 part bilge water, 2 parts tequila, 1 part milk, 1 part lemon juice), drank the shot andrew made us, & a cocktail. five minutes later we were ready to roll! home, that is. & what a nice time that was. for all of her moaning that she was too drunk to fuck, little miss jenny sure was pliant. then i had dreams about...haunted robot school?

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