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drow of the underdark.

drow of the underdark came in recently & isn't very good. which dissapoints yours truely, as one might imagine. spiders + elves = smiles. drow of the underdark is just completely predictable, & mostly empty of value. it was written as though the drow were elves who think spiders are cool, rather than the totemic center of their culture & metaphysics. it is filled with such snoozers as one might expect, all bland as sawdust; "the drow sacrafice sentient creatures to lolth." no shit, sherlock. how about you tell me about the actual rite itself, or heck, anything interesting? & the drow name generator? you can't make "Drizzt do'Urden"? the fuck? i mean, i'm not a drizzt kind of guy, but seriously. i think that the drow are in the running when it comes down to what parts of dnd mythology have filtered out of a strictly dnd context. the other contenders are liches & the concept of dragon colour mattering. i'd really like the drow to live up to their potential, rather than be "kewl." you know? i mean, spiders + elves, how can you get that wrong?
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