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post already!

i was thinking about kirtland today. apparently only 6,000 people live there? my so-called-life was weird before i moved to new york. in high school it was decided (mostly by me) that kirtland was the center of paranormal activity in north east ohio. a bit of an aside? cleveland & its consorts are a different beast than ohio proper- take note. back to the story in progress. there were reasons, looking back, that kirtland got tapped. the lungren murders, penitentiary glen, gravity hill, the angel moroni appearing to john smith. how did it turn into the place for legend tripping, though? going to the witch's grave, or the satanic church (the shadow of its crucifix told the tale!) or the lungren barn, or out in the woods to look for the melonheads. the melonheads are the best, the best. i think i might have invented them whole cloth, but you'll never catch me fessing up to it. the hydrocephilic savages are real!

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