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special circumstances.

i'm sort of grossed out by myself today. i havn't been to the gym this week, that is a big part of it. i've given myself the excuse that i've been fighting off getting sick, which kind of counts, except i've totally been fine to go if i had just made myself do it. i certainly am not going to go tonight, though i entertained a flight of fancy about leaving work early to do so. i'm getting into pretty decent shape, but not enough to really feel comfortable in this skin suit, yet. maybe i should go on a diet of bleach & tadpoles. that is what i really want to do. my diet kind of sucks, due to the area i work, but i've been slowly trying to improve it. i've been pretty successful at integrating fruit in, & pretty good about getting coffee out (which is more financial than health related), but there is still so much crap, even when it is the better grade of crap. i havn't been very good with my liquid calorie consumption, either; i've been drinking a little bit every night. not too much, but a little too much. huh. just trying to put pins on the corkboard.

also i'm wearing foreign underwear today. jenny bought me some boxer-briefs, & the super of our building gave them to me this morning. my first impression was that i felt like too much meat bursting out of too little sausage casing. mmm, gross. i also don't like how far down the waist is: i feel like i'm wearing low-riders. then i got worried about how i was going to deal with them riding up, since the elastic will make them tend to stay up. i don't know, they arn't the worst. if jenny makes with the "positive reinforcement" tonight they might grow on me.

also, they cooked my sandwich on the griddle next to someone's gross green peppers & onions, & i'm really unhappy about it. to top it off, i didn't have enough cash to pay for it & i had to eat an atm fee. boo.

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