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another successful oubliette session in which nothing happened. i'm always proud when nothing happens much in my dungeons & dragons game; so much of the inertia of the game lends itself towards pointless battle or "event" based storytelling. i shouldn't say nothing happened; it was in fact very eventful, but not in a "lets roll dice all night" way. heck, now that i've said that, it is even a little untrue, since i turned half the party into lunatic wandering monsters with an amped up symbol of insanity. even garrick failed his save (though the amulet of the ammonite brought him back from the brink). also they dealt with ezra, which i though was going to go under the radar, since i'd hinted at it but to (seemingly) no avail. also everyone got to meet another one of emma's demonic princes, the crimson vizier (a mess of a monster). then finally at the end they took the obvious path into the Great World, setting their feet on the road for the climactic battle. it was one of those moments where they were in the room with some sickbeds, two murals, a wax covered alter, & a hole leading down; their divinations had told them "her throne lies below" & yet they still spent a good half hour going ethereal to investigate behind the blasphemous altar, searching for tracks, secret doors, lighting candles on the altar, &c. mister dungeon master was all "there is dirt behind & beneath the altar (sorry, no saint's bones), all the tracks lead into the hole, there are no secret doors, okay roll your knowledge religion to solemnly worship at the altar of the fly lord..."

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