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okay! i finished my email storytelling with bernie, & i sent out a challenge rating fifteen monster to gerd. so now all i have to do is make a map of amelia nagy blaine's house so that they can break into it, run down a few other things, firm up some planar traits, & make some mini-encounters (for which i have just the thing!) & i will be almost on schedule for my game today. if i didn't have to shower, that is. i guess i should shower & eat something besides chips & hummus. tra-la-la, motherfuckers. i think gerd maybe expected the crimson vizier to be less weird, but that isn't what he's going to get! he gets weird, baby! alive with newport pleasure! oh man maybe i should have another cup of coffee...jenny isn't here to tell me not to! that'll learn her, all going out to brunch with kira & sleeping in & not giving her mordicai enough attention. i'll spite you, face!

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