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saturday morning plans: make coffee, email bernie, & take a shower. once that shit was finished, whoosh! off to the isle of manhatmos to swing the concrete jungle with katja. there was some misadventure trying to get brunch (getting up & walking about out of a australian joint) so we ended up just doing the salad bar at whole foods & opening a big bottle of wheat beer there. made keys, played wii, drank vodka, jenny came, more wii, jeffery hid in the bedroom, then katja went to prentice's & we went out. not content to end the night, jenny, me, & the cloud over me went to asian pub, where i ordered food i didn't want to eat (& didn't) & had lycheetinis, whose soapy goodness i can't get enough of. then to roy's in the mariott, where we had wine & chuckles, then again whoosh to carla's where robert joined us & i greedily ate fourteen slices of pizza & an entire box of chicken fingers. mmm, fingers. finally, finally, home! the train raced along! we had drunken sex which was fun but ultimately unfulfilling. or unemptying? what i mean to say is: i'm not ready to face today! i've been up since eight but so far i've succeeded at diddly/squat. get in the game, mordicai!

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