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you know what i don't get? soda. yuck. i can understand the desire for the sensation of carbonation. i like it too! maybe the bubbles are foreign to the usual "mouth sensorium" & that is the allure? anyhow, i drink "physick," which is to say, i like to drink seltzer water with angostura bitters in it. i drink vodka & tonic, gin & tonic. the chemicals & the spices are nice too; digestive. but soda is just a big gross slurp of corn syrup. unlike a lot of things with corn syrup that trick you into wanting it (catsup, anyone?), soda doesn't even hide it! its all like "make yourself sick to your stomach with sickening sweet!" which, what the fuck. i doubt i need to express distaste over the existence of corn subsidies leading to an obese america. this is a good example of how people should not be allowed to govern themselves. you can't let people eat what they want, because they will end up poisoning their children with shit like that. & probably not even knowing any better! anyhow, the real point i'm trying to make is that i'm out of seltzer, & mostly out of bitters, & this "cranberry & tonic" wasn't the greatest of ideas. it isn't the grossest, but not ichiban, either. also, yes, i am procrastinating on going to the gym. shut up about it! i'm roleplaying over email with bernie! see, that counts as "work," in that weird way that being responsible for your hobby does. seriously, what is with having a stressful hobby? stretching my creative muscles & what have you. anyhow, steam in the machine is building! the pressures are immense! soon it might blow! there is no telling!

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