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more voice acting today: pretending to be a bored co-worked leaning over the cubicle wall. it was fun, utterly painless, & someone asked me who i was with. you know, my agency. yes, i realize you are asking about my agency! i just pointed at simon with a goofy grin. then when we were finished simon took me out to lunch, but not before we browsed through compleat strategist. & wouldn't you know it, inbetween when i was there last time & now, they sold out of the tekumel book! i'm not sweating it, though; i have all the novels now, which means we're due for a...

books recently obtained:
a death of kings by m.a.r. barker.
prince of skulls by m.a.r. barker.
lords of tsamra by m.a.r. barker.
bloodlines: the hidden by white wolf.

tonight it looks like the gym, then laundry. after that, who knows? footloose! fancy free! let me tell you though, i'm a little bummed. i have a sneaking suspicion that young katja is not long for babylon. that would be a hole in my bucket, i'll tell you what. so if the chance to hang ten with her crests the horizon, i'll probably surf it. which means that i really actually should get up off my duff & skedaddle to the gym so that jenny & i can knock the block off our dirty clothes lickity-split. i'll just reply to this email from bernie & then zoom, i'm off.

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