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this is kind of old news, but devildoll posted it a few days ago & i think it deserves mention. my first response was to call for gail simone to save us all, as ms. simone is quite capable of having super hot girls in ridiculous outfits kick ass without it being demeaning. i guess the popular response is that it is being done in a pin-up syle on purpose, but guys? referencing pre-existing art doesn't get you a free pass. you made a statue of mary jane in ripped jeans, her underwear hanging out, her tits hanging out, washing spider-man's costume, barefoot. i don't exactly want to walk you through this holding your hand. i'm pretty sure if you think long & hard you might be able to come up with a reason or two that this might alienate fans. or, you know, contribute to the "misogynist fatso" image of fans. anyhow, i wanted to jump on the bandwagon as an exercise in solidarity. solid!

& dan savage just clued me in the hpv causes throat cancer? gosh, i wonder if the hpv vaccination debate will swing now that guys can get cancer from it to? wait mean, abstinence education is just slang for women are property to be kept pristine till i say so? what? crazy! you go get 'em, duke!
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