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last night jenny, kira, nino & myself went to go check out frankie's 457 court street spuntino, which is a venue on the table for the wedding. before hand we went to the bar across the street to get a few drinks; i liked it there, & the old guy in the cornor liked our talking about wife-swapping & kira's all-nude pool party bachelorette party a whole bunch. when our table was finally ready we went over & ended up splitting four entrees & four appetizers, which was, as i predicted, too much food. afterwords somehow kira manipulated me into letting her get two desserts while nino was gone getting cash (& as jenny points out, i like being manipulated). when the dining portion of the evening was concluded we took a car back to park slope, but more the north end, & checked out a bar kira had her eye on, cherry tree. we went for the back garden, but left for the crowds! yeah, the back garden had closed at twelve, but it looked pretty cool from the window; the people there, however, were a terrible mess. we went to some other bar on fourth, an australian place, i guess? had a few drinks there & crawled home, bumping into belinda on the way.

what is the verdict on the restaurant? well, my vote is only a voice in the wilderness on this one, i suspect, but i liked it just fine. i don't mean to imply that jenny didn't like it; i think she probably did. everyone seemed very impressed with the outdoor area, & it was very large. they had a separate little enclave back there too. the feeling i got from the girls was that a lot of it depended on the price. if it was reasonable to rent it, it would be a good location, that sort of thing.

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bosch: the complete paintings by walter bosing.
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