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spider-man three.

okay, this spider-man three entry will probably not be as concise as it might have been, given the kind of drunken, rowdy viewing our crew gave it. martak's party started at his apartment, & i tugged toughlad, kromelizard, fordmadoxfraud, & dantelong with me to eat mike's catered mexican, drink his mexican tequila, & watch his mexican dvds. play all? PLAY ALL YOURSELF MARVEL VIDEO GAME! & we then flew, caw caw, over to the pavillion to see the film, smuggled liquor in my bag. so, here goes:

my biggest concern is that it may trade on pre-existing media to achieve its effect. i liked it, i liked all the characters, all the actors. i liked dancing evil spider-man. the venom thing? is "meteor, evil suit, hates bells" enough short-hand? i mean, is it evoking some kind of mythical archetype to get the viewer to go "sure, it turns him evil. something has to. red kryptonite, black costume, whatever" or is it just that i already "get" the venom thing? the goblin relationship i think was better, in that you can assume the earlier movies, being a sequel. but i liked it! gerd & bernie & james & i all ended up in a row together being jack-asses. gerd kept harping on how he works with a particle accelerator & particle accelerators arn't at all like that! bernie kept talking about how schlumpy toby was. james i couldn't hear. me, i just clapped when stan lee came on screen, & it carried across the theater. i got you back, man! excelsior!

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