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blots, the dark blots!

how did it go down? well, my dnd game had been moved from sunday to saturday, on account of a couple of different factors...this led to the pcs stumbling around a place they've already explored, wondering why they seemed so aimless. well, guys, um, because you are just poking shit with a stick to see if it bites you? which left my sunday free, which is an anomaly in my agenda. i eventually went to the gym, & then headed into manhattan to crook arms with katja. we went to pick up jeffery at some art show at some point. mostly, i found the art pretty insultingly bad; stuff that makes my junior high projects, required by the board of education, look like startling insights into the human condition. & let me clue you in: the human condition essentially bores & confounds me. like sudoku, it is a puzzle i don't care to bother to learn how to solve. jeffery sat katja & i down in a room to watch a video at one point. twenty minutes worth of film for an ending utterly derivative of a david lynch film. as later pointed out, however, the editing & technical aspects were pretty well done. if the main character hadn't been the stock "you hate me because i'm disgusting" guy, & it had been ten minutes long, it might have been tolerable. after that, we went to max's to eat: i ended up jealous of jeffery's asparagus ravioli. from their apartment we made plans to split up, like voltron's lions...but a wrench was thrown into the chex mix! instead of going to meet jenny & carla at the bar where our engagement party is going to be, i split early to come to her rescue! there was some kind of funky chicken dance going on at the pizza shop ("where are you baby?" "orchard & ludlow!" "those streets are parallel baby" "orchard & ludlow!") & then robert, who was there as well, had not paid the pizza shop people? whatever. i took my screamingly drunk baby jenny home & had her tucked into bed by eleven. even including the sex. which she asked me if she had dreamed. is that good or bad?

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