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go to the canal street station, on the NQRW, 6, & JMZ line (not the ACE). dial 1-877-OR-WHAT-31 (679-4283). there is a narrative there, a murder mystery, that you solve by adventuring in the station, going from payphone to payphone. i won't spoil you with the code from the track lubrication door, or the secret of the little man with the top hat, but i will tell you that it is what i did saturday morning with cortney, her boy glenn, & dyani. it was good seeing cortney again- she "looked good," "her mom said hi" & all the rest of the patter meant to be said when you see your ex after a while. but that seems so dismal! i don't mean in a dreary way, just in that lets put it aside, lets forget about all that baggage, because it is easy enough to do when she's around. also, no one had a camera? the hell. after we finished the 31 down mystery, we took the advice of the leering, befuddled mta workers who were watching us & decided to go to coney island.

this is the last summer of coney island, right? so i should muster up some caring about it, so that when there is a nostalgia fest going on i can pitch my hat in the ring, right? but it is hard to pretend to give a fuck about the ghostyard it has become. i'm willing to believe it was the playground of the world at somepoint, but i grew to maturity in an environment rich with amusement parks, leaving the midway & rides aspect of it with little lustre. the seedy aspect of it also isn't that much of a draw; nor is the irony. carnies are just...pathetic? but i had fun none the less- again, i don't mean to sound negative about the thing. riding the wonderwheel was certainly fun; i like the wonderwheel. the affair was really more about walking around the boardwalk & socializing, which we certainly achieved. dyani & i bonded over corndogs & chocolate covered strawberries. here is a secret if you want to neurohack me or dyani: when i ask "do i want a corndog?" the answer i am looking for is generally no. i want you to say "no, you don't want a stale piece of junkfood for too much money," so i can say "impulse = managed!" dyani on the other hand is looking for encouragement. "do i want a chocolate covered strawberry?" is really a call for "oh, totally, yes."

after coney island we went back into manhattan & i took the threesome to angel's share, which is a luxury i don't get that often, so i like to indulge in when the excuse presents itself. as cortney pointed out, yes, i do quite like the infernal babe, but i also like the whole backdoor aspect of it. dyani got one of their fancy cocktails (the fitting "sophisticated lady"), cortney & i both got the macclelland-whisky-with-no-e. which, i just looked up the rule, & i was wrong when were talking about it on the train. i though it was whiskey only when from ireland, but instead it is only without an e when it comes from scotland or japan (any country without an e in its name). glenn got knob creek, since he had said he'd been meaning to try it. after a comedy of errors with the bill (cortney had a wallet full of singles all along!) they took of to a dinner party.

i met up with pixie katja outside of a toystore so she could give me a present, & then we headed to her place. there was talk of walking rudiger around, but we ended up getting caught up playing wii. that game warioware is pretty fun, with the whole "party game" thing on. eventually we took a break to get dinner at the new bowery whole foods, which led to lots of spilled lentil soup & katja's rumbling belly-ache. i sort of decided to get the impression that cortney was due to stay in queens with her dinner party, so i settled in for a little while before leaving, but then she called me to hang out & i decided to bail on her rather than truck out to williamsburg with the beginnings of a drunk on. at some point katja's friend prentice showed up, but i wasn't really in a presentable state, so who knows what kind of impression i made. i think he seems likable enough; i don't mind a put-on personality. when i got home, carla & robert were there? so we played clown car with a car service, then jenny & i drunkenly fucked-- the next morning she asked "did we have sex?" so score one for team forget-me-now!

sunday morning was Operation: Recovery Turtle. we pulled into our shell at home & hid our heads in the cool shade. well, i wasn't that badly off, really, which is how i got volunteered to go get breakfast (that & the fact that i always do it). before too long it was time to tromp over to martak's for dungeons & dragons. i havn't gotten a chance to actually role-play in a couple of months(ish) through just schedule mix-ups, so it was nice to not have to buckle down & dm. there was a great moment with bodies being thrown against the iron door we had barricaded ourselves behind, & blood seeping under the crack, but towards the end crankiness really started setting in, which was too bad. i really think that, if mike does want to run the demonweb pits after ravenloft he should really use the book more as a source book & less as an adventure path. maybe that's just me. anyhow, we left a battle in the middle of it, with me with 3 hit points remaining, & bernie's character having used up his close-wounds spells. i might just lose a character to the tainted land of barovia yet! on another note, having kelly around the game makes me miss amy, but you know, new budding relationship or whatever, fine. but putting your cellphone clock in your boy's face to tell him it is time to kick his friends out isn't the most graceful of moves. whatever, not really my bussiness. the dynamic was just a little bit off, is really more my point.
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