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three rings for the elven-kings.

i was looking online at the tiffany's website at the ring jenny picked out for her engagement ring, & i noticed that the size available jumped from 4½ to like a 9, while jenny's dainty little claws are a size 6. which, probably for the best, nixed just ordering it online. see, i often like to avoid commerce! anyhow, i got on the blower pronto, to find out just what hacking had to be done to set things right. i sort of figured they'd either tell me how easy resizing is (which, i don't understand resizing rings at all. do they cut them? use heat & stretch them? i don't know!) or, as was the case, have one at another location. the customer service gynoid was very nice & directed me to the manhattan tiffany's; there i went from a personal buyer (dismayed when i told him i only wanted to hold it; at this time i wasn't sure if i should pick it up on my own or wait for jenny to come with me to give the final okay) toto "stacey." everyone advised me to go pick it up immediately, so i left work & boarded the train. i didn't much like going to tifffany's with my wet umbrella! the power dynamics of purchases befuddle me, but it was good to get the experiance points (if i ever decide to put ranks in appraise). the worst part was walking up to a worker bee & being all-- "um, they told me to ask for...stacey?" & have them stare at me confused until finally realizing "oh! thats silver. you have to go to the third floor." so there is a life lesson; check which floor of tiffany's, because that is a real important indicator. anyhow, i'm sure it wasn't a big commission purchase for stacey, but she seemed professional enough. maybe i'll remember you, stacey! you're my go-to girl at tiffany's. on the way home, there was a broken train, so the f went on the a line to jay street.

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