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hit the ground running.

i don't have any quick odds on me actually going to gerd's hootenanny tonight, but they might be kind of crummy; bailing on my girlfriend friday, having a party on saturday, & gaming on sunday leaves the door open for her to get reasonably annoyed. besides, it is a whole conglomerate party, so i think it can stand on its own, & like i said, i've already given gerd his gift. since i'm starting to feel better, i ideally want to go to the gym tonight, pull a double-header. a week & a half of downtime made my stomach turn. i've started doing a brief stint of cardio, though frankly i do think that taking the last fifteen minutes on the elliptical machine is cheating, & want to finally nudge the hour up to hour fifteen. jenny has homework, so i'll have the time to myself to manage.

so i guess tommorow is bar reis, unless i come up with something better on the turn of a dime.
Tags: lost wednesday, photos

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