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i should talk about friday before i forget all about it (tattooine saga)

last friday first thing doing was going up to simon's studio to cut a "video blog" pilot as an audition. i was all a-mess with the script, after less than a week with it, but it turned out to be okay; the only other chap meant to know the script was simon, & we were just about dead even in the midst of confusion. richard was the sound guy, so i got to see him, & all in all it was a pretty goofy five hours of my live. while i'm not interested so much in pursuing the the life of an actor, & i am pursuing an interesting life, so interludes like this are worth a few xp, no matter the results.

afterwards i went home for just enough time to experience a crabby jenny, then it was off to escort danielle to a party as her chaperon. the trains were a gigantic fuck-up, so there was a bit of wait-n-go with the bus, but eventually ducks got in a row. all the girls at the party were wearing the same dress! i surprised myself by having a good time. then i stalked the people from the party on the internet. i roll like that if'n i wanna. i also got some lube from an easter egg?

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