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here we go again; just like one-eyed jack's.

throes of shivering & throws of upping all morning! can't even remember what for. torment all night, but what the deuce? no great wreckage on the horizon! could it be that somehow food & alcohol are the culprit? sounds suspicious. you've got a good ole cascade to be gotten, though, manflesh; the feelings of disgust escalate the feelings of disgust, & so forth. i come back to be, shiver & lay next to jenny's warm anchoring presence. how do i feel right now? not great!

last night was easter at carla's; the roster being myself & jenny, tony & matt, jason, & robert. a whole lot of manflesh! i stuffed myself on the munching platters, as usual, poor impulse control boy. by the time the colossal pasta rolled around, the wine & the cheese know what? i am going to stop talking about food. what the fuck was i thinking? my stomach is roiling again! at least jenny is done with her shower, in case emergency measures must be taken. anyhow, we played a little balderdash, different now? it isn't just words, there are categories. i don't like it as much, i don't think, but maybe because this varient is more fair? then ye olde stand-by, charades. eventually when it was time to bail, we took a cab home. okay? i got through that without talking about body-chowder at all.

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