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i suppose The Girl & The City are two pretty decent arcana to have picked up, huh? no luck on The Sword & The Crown, but you know, being a grump isn't the worst. grump! it is what i think about when i go to pick up coffee & bagels. the first edition of changeling had generic cut-off ages for the categories of fey- childlings are the youngest, most vibrant but least tempered by will. as banality creeps in, around the age of thirteen, a childling turns into a wilder, the passionate & melancholy. after twenty-five, though, you've got grumps; embers, smoldering, blood quenched & sharp. only one in twenty makes it to grump! most are claimed by the bland. man, that grumpdom seemed a raw deal! it ain't so bad. still plenty of time to gird myself with terrible weapons.

how cool is wold war hulk gonna be?!

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