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old klimpt women.

falling apart over here. my tiny wounded paw presents every opportunity for misadventure! the mundane becomes an obstacle that cannot be breached; such as, how can i do a month's worth of laundry one-handed? or what is the point of going to the gym if i can't, you know, tryst at any weights or machines? oh drunken mordicai. anyhow, at least my cross-hatch band-aid technique is unstoppable. whats more, baby jenny has the gut-worm, & she's casualty as well. she was already asleep when i got home today! so maybe i'll continue my streak of lazy. i have this script to memorize, & i don't even know how to go about doing it! i guess i'll figure it out. i've been having the dream of the elizabethan doctor, all snouted masks & wands. come to ring around the rosie. hey, you know how "zounds" is short for "god's wounds"? maybe that isn't such a bad expression. though i suppose it normally meant jesus, it sure warms my cockles to thing of the old man taking the sword.

recently obtained books:
brave new words: the oxford dictionary of science fiction, edited by jeff prucher.
son of a witch by gregory maguire.
the book of the sacred magic of abramelin the mage, translated by s.l. macgrgor mathers.
the art of h.p. lovecraft's cthulhu mythos, edited by pat harrigan & brian wood.
the night battles, by carlo ginzburg.
the looking glass wars, by frank beddor.
the world of darkness by a team of white wolf writers.

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