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hey, here is a great thing i realized: i might die in my sleep! not in a nice peaceful way, but i might have a nightmare that kills me! jenny is the one who invented me having sleep apnea; she thinks maybe i don't have bad dreams so much as i start dying a little bit. she's wrong though; last night i remember my nightmare & waking up, but she thinks i was having the apnea. which means, right, that i might die from bad dreams. how romantic! conversely; if the apnea is a new development, & not tied in to my chronic nightmares, maybe it is from my facial reconstructive surgery? wikipedia seems to suggest that palate & facial deformities can be causes, & since i don't think my neck is fat enough to be strangling me when i sleep, that seems likely. they also mention alcohol, but last night i only had a drink & a half, & over-all my level of consumption has been pretty moderate. to be frank, i am pretty sure i just have bad dreams that are trying to kill me. thats what i think.

edit: i should mention the dream i was having. i was a cylon & jenny was a human & we had a hybrid baby. since quarters were tight on the galactica, some old guy was bunking with me & the baby for a night. he complained about the heat being too high, & since i didn't care, i got up to lower it for him. then i somehow got trapped in bed, & i realized he was an Other (from lost) & kept trying to struggle awake to stop him from stealing the baby.
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