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so last night ended up going pretty well. first thing i did was deal out word of darkness character sheets & pull out the rulebooks. "we're going to put of the cliff-hanger resolution for a little bit; i've decided i want to switch over to WoD starting today." bernie & gerd were about to get p.i.s.s.e.d but before it could go any further mike was all "april fools, duhr." anyhow, we got to the resolution-phase & they were pretty pliant. in emails they hadn't really grasped the extent of the situation, but had pointed out things that didn't make sense from their point of view- once brahm clavell stroub explained that they were being hunted as dangerous demonists & criminals, things fell into place & they realized they needed to blow town. around that time i gave gerd his present, the ruby scepter of reverend killjoy:

anyhow, there was actually a nice opportunity for bernie to use atonement, which is a spell that doesn't see a lot of use by pcs, especially by pcs on npcs. anyhow, don't tell anyone, but it is probably the most powerful spell in the game, insofar as it lets people who have sold their soul rethink that shit. so he saved grandma, & i think was surprised that i let it happen. well here is the deal: i wouldn't have, except, you know, you have the magic "get out of hell free" card, now. i'm proud of you, now you are a real wizard. anyhow, after that they decided to go to...vanamoor? the happy little village where they didn't fuck anything up & are kind of heroes! i guess it makes sense to hide out there; now lets see what the dungeon master concocts (hint: i have a pretty good idea!).

also! ranai, you should know that i am totally social & do cool things all the time. heads up on it! i get together with the boys every sunday, & then every wednesday i have people over my apartment & sometimes i even go hang out! i am filled with adventure, if by adventure you mean going to inns. which is how adventures start in my experiance, therefore i am a highly adventursome boy! such on those sour apples. also though, going on dangerous explorations is a totally sweet idea. the weather is warming up & there are plans to make operation: camping trip a reality; jenny even has a sleeping bag.

oh! i also realized what tattoo i want! but then i realized it can't work. i wanted to get, tattooed on one hand's worth of knuckles: "MYSTERIOUS" then on the other knuckles, i'd get "WAYS." & then go around, you know, punching everyone. it look like both of us work in mysterious ways, god! but that was when i thought "MYSTERIOUS" was only eight letters long. i'm not very good at math or spelling, okay?
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