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helping peter & alicia move yesterday certainly wore me out; up at 6:30, over there, carry everything down from the fourth floor, eat pizza, carry everything up to the third floor. they've moved right next door to the best deli in windsor terrace, so much the better for them. plum tuckered, afterwords david came over to watch a little tiny bit of mythbusters, then i went to bed until 8:00. just zonked out, had great gasping dreams of ginnungagap, or again dark waters- take your pick. thrashing through space or across ocean beds, it is no different to us. less lungs & more air bladders; mucus heavy in chest & city.

woke up from dreaming slumber to jenny on her way out to carla's. missing that minx. danielle came over for burritos & laziness, which was all i really had to offer. basically just fucked off watching sketch television. she wants to do something of note next week. tried to put the burden of invention on my shoulders. what is of note! i spend most of my time inside my head anymore. which, yeah, i need to get back to; some more prep work for today's game, though i'm not entirely sure how it is going to go. we shall see, xur! we shall see!

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