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so, i'm an idiot sometimes, right? it happens. i've recently delved into adventures in ebay, after resisting its lure for quite some time. mostly i don't thirst so deseperatly for stuff, but when things i had intended to get folks went out of stock, i found them on ebay, & thus started kind of poking around. really i was interested in out of print books that i might want. there are a bunch of those. to cut to the chase, i sort of accidentally talked myself into a purchase one time. i saw an item & threw a low-ball bid at it (five dollars [$5.00] instead of ninety dollars [$90.00]) only to later realize it was not an auction but an ebay store. anyhow, the owner decided to haggle with me & i ended up getting it for twenty dollars ($20.00). when to book came, though, i realized that i already owned it. stupid. i was kind of peeved at myself for a while about it, but i then decided to turn around & auction it off on ebay, since i'd never sold anything that way. new experiences seem like they might make the hassle of my own fuck-up a little better; lemonaide, right?

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