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once upon a time there was an alternative reality game called perplex city. now, i wasn't part of this at all-- in fact, i've never participated in any alternative reality game, not really. not with any gusto, i should say, because we've all followed links, right? but it takes a flick of a switch in the old brain-box to really become a participant. but the thing that i like about this perplex city is that there are a number of unsolved puzzles, even now, after the end of the game. some of them are kind of joke puzzles (like "prove the riemann hypothesis!") & some of them are just ugly brute ciphers, but one of them in particular tickled my tiny tiger-force, & i've been sort of chewing on it.

this is satoshi. the puzzle quite simply is: find this guy. which is, i think, a heckuva riddle. the best solution is a distributed one, which is the other neat thing about it. attacking as a community is really the only way to achieve any kind of result. there are websites devouted to it, a myspace, & a livejournal community (findsatoshi). one of sites even has a modest reward, & a plan for how to reward each person in the chain that find him. he's not trying to stay hidden, nor will he try to keep the puzzle "answer" secret...just finding the guy is the whole point of the exercise. & there have been pretty substantial finds in that direction. the photograph was taken in kayersberg, alsace, france as you can tell by comparing this photo to the background of satoshi's snapshot. that area was home to seijo college, which was where sony & ricoh would send japanese employees to train european employees, which makes it a good guess as to why satoshi was in the area. it is closed now though- so a bit of a dead end. where to go from there? well, as far as i'm concerned, research is just icing; reaching as many people as possible is probably the best way to go about solving things. i've half-jokingly mentioned it to some of the people i know who have been in japan lately, or are there now. just casting the net a little farther.
Tags: billion to one, billion2one, perplex city, satoshi

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