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so after being pretty much out of commission here at the store, with our fax machine/printer broken for the past couple of weeks? we finally got our printer/fax machine back! is missing its powercord? well that doesn't help anybody! hopefully it was just forgotten at gramercy, & dante can pick it up when he goes to get the checks. we also got a ton of trash! well, not really garbage so much as things we don't need. no big deal, though, james & i tossed them up into the crawlspace, along with, as he put it, "a great & terrible secret."

yesterday was alright, but then jenny got my hackles up, & decided i was picking a fight with her when she got home, which i totally wasn't! so most of the rest of the evening was crap. she says "you understand i'm not punishing you," which, right, i get. but i don't get acting all shitty once the argument is over! i can hold a grudge, but only if the grudge is more important than the rest? so i don't get it, actually. emotions are stupid, i guess? in the plus column, we watched the prestige. which i liked quite fair. jenny said it was too boring, but i maybe like boring movies (2001 : a space odyssey much?) because count me in as a fan. what i can't understand is people talking about the surprise ending? because the foreshadowing is pretty heavy (though not heavy handed). anyhow, mostly the dove-smashing thing is my favorite metaphor-trope lately.

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