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i am the clique-commander!

little hootenanny last night for onatopofthings's first night in town. the gang that clustered together around was fordmadoxfraud, wolvus, kromelizard, & stephanie; later on somewhat we were joined by toughlad & bernie. i didn't really have a plan of action, but rather planned on setting our compass to follow the imp of the perverse. it didn't get that perverted, really, but it could have. i finally remembered the exsistance of cocotte's wine bar, & so i storm-clouded us over there. it was pretty nice, & just the right size for a group of eight people to effectively dominate. there was some food getting, which i scrounged at since jenny made dinner (here is my impression of me, when she called me from the grocery store wanting to know if she should make enough for both of us: "no, i'm going out. but you should make enough for me to have. i won't eat it, it can be leftovers. but i'll probably eat it if you make it. i'm going to go out to dinner maybe though, so don't make anything for me. if you make something for yourself, though, make enough for me to have some?") anyhow, time at the bar was alright by me. after the post-zodiac crew rolled in, we took to playing do you worship cthulhu?, or as i still remember it, mafia. which at this point is basically a game of "kill mordicai first." not that i really minded? i was a villager each time, & i only count turns in which you are a real character (cultist, seer, protector, vigilante) as real. everyone knows townsfolk don't have anything to say besides one thing, every time you ask them! "have you heard about the witches of lysaga hill?" "have you heard about the witches of lysaga hill?" & so on. after cocotte, we lost stephanie & ryan, & went to bar reis for a nightcap (can you have a nightcap outside your apartment? or after drinking?), & then went our seperate ways.

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