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hey, here is some exciting news: i got my identity defrauded! while i was setting up the voicemail on my new phone, i got a call from an unknown number. i must have set the thing up just in time, since the caller was able to leave a message. it was a call from my banking establishment wanting to ask me about some suspicious charges. that had happened to me before, & when i called them, the charges weren't suspicious at all! they were like "how about this one at the deli near your work! or the drugstore near your apartment! how about the bagel shop on the way to the train!" so i wasn't really sweating calling them back. i called them up figuring the conversation would be pretty simple, like the last time. instead, it seems that somebody in canada &/or england stole my card number! they mostly spent a few hundred dollars in pharmacies & 88 cents at a hair salon? i don't even know how, as my card is here in my wallet. anyhow, the card is closed now & i'm not really sure how much rigamorole there will be to get things put back in their right place. the guy on the phone seemed to think it wouldn't be hard. it better not me "kevin"! how about them fucking apples?
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