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brandishing knives!

so after work yesterday i ducked over to the gym for a quick antipaladin training session, while jenny cooked up a roast! she does this trick where she stabbs it real bad & then shoves garlic cloves into the wounds, also known as the most romantic thing ever. anyhow, i came home after muscle-patrol, & we watched us some moving pictures!

i love new york was great, as always. you are my girl, new york. see, i couldn't watch that flavor of love shit; i already acknowledge that human beings are pathetic & disgusting-- i enjoy media that provides the deceptions of heroism & the extraordinary to escape from fucking fleshbags! so no, your unsettling romance in which women crap on themselves lacks the sparkle of a real gem like new york. she's the greatest. now that gross scum-bag twelve-pack is gone, there are only four contestants remaining, including douche-bag tango.

then maybe gilmore girls has found some kind of footing again? i liked this last episode! shock of shockers. i guess maybe the trick was finding which characters the new guy can hang his hat on; his zach-lane-luke trifecta is pretty solid. of course, the "rough patch" between rory & logan was pretty forced. yeah, he was being a dick-for-face, hanging out with colin & finn (secret code: irresponsible!) & avoiding the guillotine. fine! but they had, what, a couple of minor arguments over it? & rory was all "oh, hrm, i don't know, big blow up." the fuck, rory! you only even yelled at him once. & then he got his shit together. anyhow, it was okay! nothing much happened, so maybe someone revealed the "trick" to a good gilmore girls episode.

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