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friday was finally getting jenny to come along to saint jeromes- again, obligatory disclaimer, because andrew bartends there. we took david with us, & mostly initially sat around silent, wondering what human beings do with their time in bars. i theorized that they take lots of pictures, since that is how it usually works when i go there with katja & jeffery, but both of their cameras were out of the juice. bobby floated over into our gang for a while, eventually bringing a pair of italian girls with him. i alternatingly tried to get david to put money in the burlesque dancer's thong & to make-out with one of the italian girls. he used his time to drink two drinks to every one of mine (edit: but we were all part of mojito club!). when we left, david indicated that he was going to stay, so we boarded a yak & headed home. two minutes yak-back & jenny's phone rang; it was andrew wondering what he should do with messy david. he seemed fine when we left him! he said he's 100% sure he fell, but not of much else.

saturday of course was much more relax, recover, research. my saturday pouring through notebooks. i got rachel's brunch, & then proceeded to sneak about the apartment with my hands folded like an elf-mantis, while jenny took a "nap." i'm not sure what all i got accomplished; a little bit of research on bensozia, made it to two million neopoints, finished grant morrison's run on animal man. eventually she woke up in time for us to watch underworld: evolution in unknown synchronicity with peter & alicia. that movie is all kinds of mess. i can't begin to talk about it, but let me just say, i am pretty skilled at suspending my disbelief; i do it more than anybody. if your flight mechanics are so sloppy you are getting my goat, you are doing something wrong. for instance: you can't stab people with your wing-tips while still flying. you can't! i've tried!

sunday was, you got it, my dungeons & dragons game. the opening segment took what i thought was a long while, waiting for them to interogate bernie's character's (atahwa's) grandmother, atahla. i can't say i didn't do my fair shair of monkey-wrenching (suggestion!) but eventually they got down to brass tacks. & then decided, near as i can figure for no particular reason, to go play home invasion with one of the big bads they knew about. along the way they got a divination spell warning them about the risks (that i was making up on the fly, since this was completely out of the blue to me), but they decided to distrust the omens & press on. so the session ended with gerd's character (emma) escaping by the skin of her teeth, mike's character (balphus in the guise of oswald the cultist) in the middle of things while the super-bads come avisiting, & with assassins & arsonists on their way to exact retribution. oh, there will be fire & blood in two weeks sessions, of that i have no doubt.

this morning was promising, starting with a debate on pithy ways of summing up nature & culture ("fucking, killing, & photosynthesis" & "controlling fucking, killing, & photosynthesis"). of course, my homebrew definition of defining culture as the non-physical technology of a group of people i think still stands strong, with the main semantic flaw being that, well, you could easily consider physical technology an essential part of culture. kassie's defining culture as an attempt to organize nature is surprisingly not without merit. of course, the big downside to this morning was cleaning up the two bags of cat food that some hobo had dumped outside my store. then the rest of the day was radically changed when my new "razr" phone came; i spent too long on the phone wrestling with jacob. either way, i am close to done, since the guy at the cingular store swapped my phonebook for me. he also told me a joke: why are only twenty percent of women going to heaven? because if any more went, it wouldn't be heaven! i barely managed to refrain from telling him that no filthy apes are going to heaven, boy or girl. now maybe i'll download a ringtone!

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