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farouk rashomon frequently didn't make any sense, but he loved switchblades & lemon merengue pie, & people prefered to deal in the paradigm of the latter rather than the former. he says he was on a life boat when he realized that the two ancient tribes of sky-peoples were still among mankind. farouk rashomon said this with a switchblade hilt deep in a fourteen point stag's belly, snaking it upwards to let the guts out onto the snow. he had "walked" the stag to death-- relentlessly pursuing it, allowing it to scent him & sprint away, until at last he found it exhausted, helpless. & he sunk his knife into its stomach & sang a little ditty about lemon merengue pie, loud enough to do wesley willis proud. farouk rashomon hijacked an ambulence & was killed in a shoot-out with a s.w.a.t. team, but maybe the sky-people caught his soul in a spider-web. maybe he's in your apartment right now, waiting for you to get home. you better hope he was baking. did he bake? did he make you a pie or is it the knife for you?

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