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sure, i agree with everyone who said antm was great last night, but they kicked off the girl from brooklyn first thing! i don't always agree with the panel's choices, but lately i have been at odds with them. i blame the bad feng shui on twiggy! they need the steel teeth janice conceals with botoxed cheeks! or a double dose of the jays, though i suppose jay manuel's co-host position is higher status than mere judge. fine. now who am i supposed to root for? i mean, the tragic mess of a russian can only go so far, & the sprite is pretentious to the max! i'm not going to root for crooked-face mcbuttchin, no matter how ridiculous she might be. eliminated brooklyn...sheesh. anyhow, how can you possibly go wrong with the antm formulae? take it to the bank, ty-ty.

battlestar galactica had more of the president's personal brand of diabolism, this time with a healthy dose of terror-state behaviour from adama! man, the first thing tyrol should haggle for is an independent security force, & their first orders should be to secret service cally & nicky. i mean, shit, i'd be armed guards & fucking frakking pistols out, if adama's first bargaining chip is going to be threatening to execute his fucking frakking wife at the table. anyhow, baltar is a fucking frakking genius; what a character. i want them to publish "my triumphs & mistakes" so i can order a copy. next episode is supposed to be some kind of watershed? okay. oh, & hey, what is up with the hillariously un-neccisary deleted scenes? dvdtv!

lets not even really talk about lost. we were, what, four bottles of wine in before it even started? not enough to dull the...boredom? okay, cheech as hugo's father is a fine reveal, though there has been a little too much "celebrity" cameo action lately (speaking of, how great was stan lee in heroes?). the episode was about...what, again? fucking off with a car? some kind of tripe about hope? i, uh, don't really care. how is this show supposed to be, isn't it a mystery/surreal drama? i don't know what to tell you guys, but you've been in a slump. you're going to have to give us something to make us give a fuck about your show. more black smoke! more hatch hieroglypics! four toed people? pirate ships! comeon, do absolutely anything, because it has to be better than nothing.

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