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been a bit under the weather...still cloudy with a chance of rain, frankly. storm clouds gather about, vipers come to suck the salt from my brain. friday night i called off the secret mission i was meant to go to with bernie; i wanted to ward myself against disease by sleeping in. instead we ended up just getting some indian food on saturday. then that evening i swung uptown with katja to go to a work party. not a work party as in "the folks from my store who i hang out with all the time anyhow," but an actual company-wide event. frankly, it turned out to be not so wide; us hillel folks made up more than half the number in attendence. we took pictures of our genitals with alicia's parent's wedding anniversary cameras, cavorted in general, &c. when they ran us out, a bunch of the group split, but i went home with peter &alicia. half the train ride was me & alicia sharing my ipod's earbu(g)s as i skipped song after song until the other half, which was me & peter very badly serenading alicia with "god gave rock & roll (to you)" from bill & ted's.... none to shabby.

sunday the badness hit hard, rocks & bones. i thought i was sad; she said i was sick! i ended up calling off my dnd game, so they solidered on & played ravenloft without me. mostly i just covered up with blankets & let jenny bring me things, my nice jenny. i also took the time to watch robotech: the shadow chronicles, which dissapointed me as much as one might expect. i don't mind the identity of the new bad guys so much as there were new bad guys; i don't mind the new-perspective on the end of invid invasion so much as it being an excuse for retcon; i don't mind maia sterling so much as i mind no one using the word zentraedi even once. for shame! & no gratitous posing shots of the mecha? what the fuck? anyhow, then, out of reckless devoution to my loving girlfriend, i watched oscar preshows, & most of the oscars. i think the only movie of them i had seen was pan's labyrinth? anyhow, sarah was on the oscar nominating comittee, which to me is hillarious.

books so far this week:
offerings: the art of brom by brom.
a history of mathematics by d.e. smith.
the ladies of grace adieu & other stories by susanna clarke.

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