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it looks like i'm going to take the day off after all! the threshing machine i call my girlfriend has some rusty hinges! phlem in the gearbox! fever in the wiring! so i'm going to tip-toe around the apartment until she moans in her sleep, then i'll rush to her bedside to hold her hand. then she'll fuss & kick, & i'll make her eat rice pudding or take some kind of pills. in the meantime i'll have to keep myself occupied, & do it in a way that doesn't get under her skin. sorting the laundry is one thing i'll have to deal with: usually her job, her sickness has crippled her & devolved it to me. you wouldn't expect that you could be "bad" at sorting laundry? but i have a sneaking suspicion that i just might be! or really, it is the riddle of girl clothes. i don't understand what to do with her stuff, which means that after i've put my clothing away, only hers will be left, & she'll be mad at me for only doing my stuff. then again, i'll give her sorting the old college try but i will perhaps end up only making matters worse. other than that, i'll play some gameboy, read a little, maybe watch some television &, if the opportunity presents itself, i might even try to sneak off to the gym. she has four hours between medicine treatments, so that might be an option.

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