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saturday was the great coat caper. which was also when i get ye olde charles taylors. which was basically just danielle & jenny & myself going to atlantic avenue to shop at big gross mega-joints. on the way back we did the chow down at pizza plus, where they drank beer, & i drank wine. there was...rice ball parmesean? & white pizza with pesto. later, we came back to watch celebrity mole. this is the sort of thing i have been up to! enjoy your glimpse into the city of War Drobe in the kingdom of Spare Oom.

in gaming, gerd has come up with an elegant & gentlemanly response to other player's concerns that his combat turns are rather gluttonous. what remains is to crunch the numbers so that they come out appropriately, but there may be a nice compromise on the horizon. sunday's session was another "investigative party," but this time the players were the hosts & the sneakers. all along it turns out that there was a traitor in the itsle-shatero cabal; grandma. they fought her (or barely; she was soon grappled by one of emma carver's demonic fetches) & a buzzing prophet of the zzrk cult.
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