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last night i had a vision. a murder of crows with salty beaks rose up before me, flocking into the shape of a doorway. the scales of their legs were red & into the gate i walked. winds rushed me about, & when i awoke from the poppy slumber that had come upon me, i stood with katja, my arm around her shoulders. we legionaired onward to saint jerome's, while andrew dealt cards: on the flop there were green bottles of beer, brown bottles of beer, & a shot of whiskey. the turn was no help: shot of tequila. on the river we had another brown bottle. i was holding two cocktails, so my hand was for shit, but jeffery (who then appeared, as if an ifrit summoned by solomon) won two-hundred & fifty dollars. haunted by the dark forboding of the iron serpents, & with a mantra of caution blazoned into my thoughts by a lover, i bid my farewells, & wouldn't you know it, hell came with me. at the citadel of katja & jeffery, where we beat our retreat to, we sat, warming ourselves before the rusty boiler in the basement. nathan was there, lingering at the edge of the circle, yellow eyes behind the foilage. soon, fortified by life-giving waters & dark, spidery air, i was off again; at union square i descended into the cthonic world, & again to be whisked away by the winds. later, the next morning, while making tea, i melted the bottom of the coffee maker, like an idiot.

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