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the gym part two!

so another successful trip to the gym; just a couple more & the hump of akwardness will be hurdled. it is weird to go there & start reading the instructions on each machine before attempting to use them; once upon a time so much of this was second nature! i had hoped to go there with danielle, but there was no synching up. i've basically got the machines locked down, which means the weight room is next. free weights are always the worst, since who knows what you are supposed to do with them? so that maybe bears researching. other items on the work-out agenda are sorting out the pool (also known as: remembering to bring trunks). a couple of laps always round out a trip. hand in hand with that are the steam room & sauna (is there even a steam room? i've heard tell, but havn't seen). i don't know about the punching bag! i'd like to use the punching bag, but i have no idea how to go about doing so. all the people i've seen using it have seemed like the very much know what they are up to. i have mostly only seen punching bags used on television! now i just have to convince jenny to come with me next time.

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