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when i was born the doctors told my mother to drown me in lake erie.

what with the rush happening, i have been too busy to do much of anything (i figure i worked about 71 hours last week?) i did find time to make a token trip to the gym, which was pretty great. my inner thighs are killing me: how i've miss you, torture machines. otherwise, what else. i found out about a guy who does voodoo folk music, exuma. so that is pretty radical. this morning i got up at eight am with a splitting headache. a veil of aches. as i said, not very much to report. fiendish codex: tyrants of hell finally came in & amazingly enough managed to make the erinyes really interesting, instead of just baatorian succubi. batgirl looks like she might be redeemed, as...deathstroke has been giving her drugs to make her evil? whatever, i'll take it to get my cass back. not a whole lot going on. my players nicely decided to have mike run ravenloft again today, so poor ole burnt out me can take a break.

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