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oh aarti you have charmed me!

saturnday night was a bit o' honey. kira's party. disjunction! talked to snidley whiplash most of the evening, but did the dark flutter in an even salt-shake. a few times my stomach hurt, but jenny got me to perservere (by refusing to leave). kira showed me her pasties & i gave her a million foot rubs? we're there till the bitter end. then jenny fell asleep on the walk back, i staggered her in, & she woke up on the couch anxious & ready to head home. despite being there already. the dark we sink into is quick, & bubbles like blood filling a lung. bloop.

sunday comes in a more confusing package, though i'm only miserable for a short period of a few moments. sex on different planets. i try the brunch at the burrito shop, & it is spicy. sorting through other people's phones ("hello, i am communicating with you by telephone!") i get ahold of secret cyborg sibling aarti. she's in my lobby for ten minutes. later, at my dungeon's & dragons game (ravenloft), my ninja/paladin says things like "what's the matter, not in the mood for lobster?" when the ghouls can't hit his 23 AC. back at my apartment, aarti comes over to talk about sanscrit. later that night, jenny doesn't come home!

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