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last night i saw smokin' aces. i knew it was going to be a big pile of something, & it definately was; i'm still not one hundred percent on what that something is, though. there were certainly a couple of magical, magical moments. no thanks to mythbusters, though; one of the scenes was damn impressive but a recent debunking kind of took me out of it. otherwise, i also now belong to a christian organization! jenny & i got a family membership to the ymca. i'm going to go today, if i get my shit together! danielle will not be coming with me, i just found out (on the phone), so that is a minor creep. i was going to reverse flash & steal some kinetic motion! i have some other shit to take care of, & then mis-managed social events. i think i'm just going to have to bail on going to tom's pizza party for kira's shindig.

i'm just rambling, i know. i'm distracted watching gojira over my shoulder, & in general pretty tired. my time has been taken up with preparing for the text-book rush at work. fmf was saying we've got something like nine hundred classes now: the whole place is plastered in tags going up to the ceiling. i don't mind subsuming the self somewhat to work for the hive (in fact, it is my prime coping mechanism for things like this), but including the dreams i've been having of receiving textbooks that have accidentally been shipped to my apartment & entering them into the system, we're going on sixty-four hours here. if you don't count them, it is a much more modest 48 hours. monday starts the rush proper-- i'm not excited about it, since we're still going to be getting clobbered with receiving. if that spectre never materializes in full effect, it will be fine, but that is doubtful.

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