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thing is.

today was mostly marked by jenny coming back from her vacation at some early hour of the morning. which is better than a kick in the teeth. she had gone to visit a former romantic mess in maine, but i'm ice cold. gave her a hard-eyed sparkle. wednesday night i grabbed ahold of my katja & held on tight. we grabbed some sushi at the joint above opaline, & then afterwords we tilted over to the angel's share. no real adventuresome drinking, stuck to the scotch i know rather than the devil i didn't. we were filled with reminesces! afterwords at her apartment jeffery said i was "predatory." over the phone. until it was time for bed!

thursday night some killer piranahs came over for a feeding frenzy. once the tequila was gone, we all took off our pants! lets hope for all involved that no one was on point with the camera; it couldn't have been pretty. in the middle of it danielle dropped off her tiny mexican jumping dog, indi. so that has been on + on + on, throughout. we mostly watched a mix of terrible television & wonderful television, & then had weight lifting contests. as alicia remarked, boy parties are weird. if by weird, you mean totally hot. then james had to sleep on my couch, since david had worn his pants home, taking with him james's keys & wallet.

friday was a desert of glass for everyone involved in thursday. mostly everyone called off work, leaving poor fmf to fend for himself. leafing foor fmf fo fend for himself. if you count the long ſ, f might be my favorite efer! eventually i bundled up my bones with my spade & firepoker, tongs & broom; i tied them up in an oriental rug & i was off to the salt mines. where, you know, all flesh was grass. graſs. graß. when that concluded, i came home for the indi treatment, then once again i was up the flue like the jolly old elf you know me for. imogen was having a going away party in williamsburg, & i trooped out there to spend time at the metropolitan. mostly the clique was the floor crew, so me, imi, & dot (honorable mention: paige). i bought one of imogen's cds, & it is filled with the theme song to pokemon: joto! anyhow, my shipwreck self left before too long; but not too soon, since i ended up having to fuck around with shuttle busses.

today i didn't get very much jenny at all before her sleepyhead had to go to class. still, a little nesting goes a long way. after i fooled around the apartment for a while, it was time for no pants 2k7. i brought peter with me to the mission, but it wasn't long before we split. the agents all met in foley square, & from the get-go, the police were present, leading many a cog to whirl. how were three police officers going to arrest two hundred people? but ah-ha! the authorities had been co-opted into collusion. so all was well. the stunt was simple: two hundred people would take off their pants & ride the 6 train from brooklyn bridge to 125th street, never acknowledging the situation. a six year tradition, i had only really joined up with the team after last year's no pants, so i was happy to get a shot. right after we seperated into groups, i seized the chance to be the first to drop trousers (at least, one of the first 10). so, we filed down the subway enterance, & after patiently waiting for precisely the right train, we were off. i had already untied my shoes, so it was a cinch to slip them off & strip down to my skivvies. the media, despite being politely asked to play it cool, couldn't control themselves, so a couple three photographers followed me out at canal street, where i waited, playing my gameboy in my underwear. they shuttered their camera's fill, & moved on along. a guy waiting as well asked me what was going on; i played stupid & then told him i was worried about anyone taking my picture, since i was pretty sure they'd need a waiver. which, i'm pretty sure they don't, but it worked, & i boarded the next train. mostly, everyone at first seemed to be playing the jaded new yorker, but as, at each stop, more pantsless people came on the train, it became harder & harder. my story, as i started getting quizzed, was that i'd spilled something on my pants & decided, since it was such a nice day, i'd decided to just throw them out. each time, i tried to up the ante on what i had spilled. well, my actual strategy was to act like i couldn't understand people, then when they spelled it out, i'd give my schtick. you'd be surprised how many people will just give up if you play dumb long enough. anyhow, i started with spagetti sauce, but when we were done i was making up stories about silver nitrate, & finished with amyl nitrate. i spilled poppers all over my pants! i work for the fda! the turn-around at 125th street was actually much livlier; we were moving between cars a lot, so there were a number of entrances & egresses to be made. all in all, another successful adventure. xp all around!

photo by kenyee. i'm in the very back, in the yellow boxers.

photo by laura_tran.
Tags: no pants, no pants 2007, no pants 2k7

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