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last night i went to see the much anticipated pan's labyrinth with the wild bunch. it was just about as gee whiz as i thought it would be, though david's earlier pre-screening review that it was more spanish civil war than fairytale was a little bit true-- not to mention the heavy handedness of the "fascists are bad" message. that said, that parts that were fairytale lived up to expectations, though with doug jones, how could you not? i was pretty impressed with it over-all, but then, i have a thing for dark-water-colours grimmy tales. i'm sometimes really wish that i had the skills to deliver a visual component to my creative endevours, which is why i get so excited when someone collaborates with me. afterwords i came along home, nothin' doin'. my girlfriend had been pretty sad to see me go, perhaps as a throwback emotion to when i used to live in ohio. man, what a suckers game that was. today has been a bit of a wash-out, though i've gotten a few things done. time to really get cracking, though. the rest of the week? in the words of my boy frank, i been tired.

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