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i am unhappy. jenny says it is on account of how drunk i was; which i am willing to believe, especially if the only other explanation is that i've suddenly developed emotions. i've put some thought into it & my official explanation of inebriation is going to be...digestifs. who can possibly judge their potency? especially fernet branca, which is a drunk like going to a doctor's office. white tables, strange smells, then suddenly a medicinal numbing of pain. nino was with us, as was david; we went to danielle's boyfriends roof-top office party. mostly the secret viewing chamber was my favorite. after the ball dropped, silence. or at least i don't remember anything until jenny was taking care of me. the white table from the doctor's office? was a toilet bowl crown! now today has been a parade through the halls of self-pity, hands folded like a mantis. i bought two games for my game boy advance & have been playing them; other than that, very little.

the camera is begining to suspect my true visage!

also, i ate an emmy.

we've walked claudio through the park a lot.

akward action shots of flying remote controlled planes!

there are those who say that nino & i look like brothers. more specifically, gob & buster.

hideous laughing assassin!

i ate some of the railing on the roof.

it's a party everyone!

there's no need. there's none.
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