mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli


the whole thing was a pretty roaring success. the morning was without a hitch; i pretty well innundated jenny with gifts, & she was reciprocative. we walked claudio, grabed some grub, i watched a dnd episode, & then met up with kromelizard & wolvus to head over to fordmadoxfraud's. there was some train shuffle going on, but other than some complaining, nothin' doin'. alicia bought an ice cream cake! the gift exchanging part of the evening took a while, mostly since david had heeded my advice regarding his voluntary sequestering of himself in the kitchen. it turns out that removing some of his elaborate dinner courses makes a vast difference! i felt that my all-death blitz went well; david got a zulu spear & a celtic cross shiv, peter got a nepalese kukri, alicia got a girl-gang knife. elsewise i got alicia a sleep mask (she sleeps with her eyes open!) & a scarygoround book that i bet she likes. i also got peter a deck of many things; nothing says holiday like a minor artifact! we spent the wind-down drinking chartreuse & watching superman ii. the way back was wet & gross. best not to dwell on it.

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