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had this dream about zombies last night that i ended up calling "the good, the bad, & the ugly" when claudio's barking woke me up. which i guess i should explain first; we're dogsitting here at my apartment. carla & jason dropped him off last night, we had thai food & cocktails, & carla gave me a yukata (or robe of some kind. i think it is a yukata). so in my dream, there were kind of three parallel universes running simultaneously. in the first, the government had gotten its shit immediately together. things were still dangerous, but once you were at a safe locale, the military had it under control. martial law had been invoked as soon as the zombies started spreading, soldiers were coached to understand that they were undead, not sick, &c. hard times, but with the lock down, it was relatively safe. in the second, just one single descision had been made differently, & everything was a mess. a platoon had run at the wrong time, a commanding officer had not ordered to fire fast enough-- whatever. the fact was that the zombies had over-run everywhere. people still lived by, you know, locking themselves on the roof of their building & catching rainwater in bathtubs or whatever, but the streets belonged to the dead. in the third, simply everyone was a zombie; there were no living people left. not one. there was movement between the worlds; a soldier in the first had a really nice gun; extended clip, whatever. not regulation, but since it was a superior weapon & live-or-die times, nobody hasseled him about it. anyhow, he lost it-- vanished into thin air, & then the same soldier, who had been reduced to scrounging in the margins of an old warehouse, found it.

there was also a dream where i was friends with starbuck. we were pals! & then she dressed up in a slutty outfit; basically a mesh of black electrical tape. so clearly, that was hot, & she kept making fun of me for wanting to have sex with her. so then i would yell at her, because she doesn't get credit for making me want to sleep with her! being a cute girl & wearing next to nothing is just a cheap trick. then we fell asleep on the top bunk bed together.

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