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cobbled together & stolen from katja.

so far today i've: finally finished with x-mas. had to wrap some stuff, but! finito! jenny will make out like a bandit. with me. ate at tempo presto, on 7th avenue. always walked past the other & the name would get stuck in my head. used up thirty-five dollars credit at the used book store. i didn't get the his dark materials world book, but: an old tome of magic & jewels of the romanovs are mine now. bought x-mas wine & vodka for tonight. ran into kira there. got free starbucks peppermint coffee. chemicalriffic. bought batteries, new socks, new wife-beaters, new boxers, razorblades. cleaned the dishes. watched the stephen colbert versus decemberists battle.

on tuesday i saw my ex-whatever, danielle. what is the deal with that, with liking her. she's okay in my book, even though she decided to become an emotional hedonist instead of a militant nihilist. despite jenny's insistance that all of the girls i've liked are not hot, danielle looked like she's doing well for herself. anyhow, we just hung out in my bookstore for a forty-five minutes & then poof. there was talk about getting together the next day, but i didn't count on it, & was rewarded thusly. so that happened.

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