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last night i thought jenny had things to do, so i overcame my lethargy to plan a little outing. it was planned bigger than it shook out to be, but i can't complain. i met up with christopher, james, mike, & amy at cafe steinhof for some drinks (elderberry martini & some kind of straight jacket?) & some german food, which, through careful search algorithms, i pretends was a mess of hungarian food. mike had chicken paprikash! i had spaetzles & cheese. we were slowly joined by bernard & stephanie & stephanie's friend...yuni? something like that; she was only about for a little while. we adjourned the locale to move over to the tea longue, not so much out of wanting to be there & drink house wine as to have a quiet scene to get into "do you worship cthuhlu?", which was pretty fucking fun.

see, in college, i used to play "mafia" all the time. ten or so of us would get together at the bitchin' kitchin' & just stay all night drinking coffee & inventing new rules. the basic premise is simple; a minority of the players are worshipers of cthulhu/mafia hitmen/werewolves, whatever. each turn, the players all close their eyes, the mafia members open their eyes, & point to someone to murder. then everyone opens their eyes, that player is "out," & the majority players (villagers, whatever) chose one player to lynch. then eyes closed, & another murder, &c, until either the mafia members are killed, or they have an equal ammount of players (in which case, they reveal themselves & kill the others). the game is most fun when you get to making home rules, which you invariably do. trying to work out "john carpenter's the thing" rules was one last night, as in, a spreading group of killers. that is probably impossible to do with less than twenty people? the seance rule too is hard to make actually functional. but i just realized that the blood test rule would work if there was a protector. maybe. anyhow, the only way to test your new game theories is to play them out.

thursday night, danielle & i went shopping, & i finished up the last of my missions. i enjoy having danielle around. then we hooked over to katja & jeffery's neighborhood to meet them for some why thai. there was peanut globsters! danielle bailed to go dye her hair after that & i ended up watching the battlestar galactica miniseries with katja all night, then trying all a'mess to play her wii. they bought me a little argos panoptes guy, a hannibal lector bear, & a stuffed ugly doll that i think i am going to name "friend bat" in commemoration.


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