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what the motherfuck happened to my store! it is a dank & dismal cavern, shorn of books! i guess i'll just hunker down & ride it out. counting on my fingers: friday was barcade for peter's whatdoyoucallit. professionals get to drinking at 7:30, o children of the loom, my little spiders! those who came later with the soberer for it.

saturday i ran the white ronan adventure for teenage mutant ninja turtles & other strangeness. my players were largely novices & pretty universally made characters that didn't wear pants. david played a (pantless) rat criminal employee, james played a aboriginal australian roadrunner mutant insect herder, simon & monica played the team characters of the guinea pigs, alicia was the beautiful frog, peter played the barely mutated math lion, bernie played the psionic marsupial mouse assassin, & christopher played admiral nelson the hate slogan spewing lion. i was pleased by the kill ratio; we made it through the death traps with alicia's toad princess dying (which vivified her marsupial mole) & christopher killing admiral nelson, ghost-faced killer (the coypu), & megatron (the also coypu). things fell apart as the evening wore on, but i think that the duels might have killed another couple; some of the assassins put a decent ammount of hurt on them. thanks for going on a mission for your ninja master! i was sort of a dick to jenny, though, since i hadn't accounted for her being home for it.

sunday was our expedition to castle ravenloft. i played a dwarf ninja 2/paladin 4 mix, aiming for iajatsu master. our party somehow turned out to be cohesive as hell? then today i found out that this gorillaz rise of the ogre thing is not a comic book at all!

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