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last night was peter's birthday party. i got him an invisible dart!

what i want to know is who had the dimbulb thought in the first place. who said "you know, we've had a big success this year creating a franchise for black adam out of thin air. kudos all around! now, find me winnick & see if he can write a trials of shazam that alienates long-time fans while at the same time being dense & incomprehensible to any possible new readership!" i don't blame winnick. it seems to me that he got his marching orders & frankly, if they gave you a shot at the big red cheese, wouldn't you take it? man though, do i miss the wizard. & hey, isn't freddie like, a dangerous domestic abuser or something? whatever. i just couldn't get over the sour taste in my mouth i got when i was thinking about it in bed.

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